Winning strategies for life and business.
Winning strategies for life and business.

Creating A Winning Team

Teams are an essential part of any growing organization. Frequently, people end up on teams without specific design. SO what does make an effective and efficient team? Here are elements to help your business teams become as effective as possible.

A Shared Mindset.  Engaging individuals in the creation process to create something will ensure they are invested throughout the process. It is important for each team member to share a common commitment, mindset and goal.

No “Wallflowers” or “Me-Monsters” allowed. The purpose of a team is to apply all of their collective talents, abilities, and ideas. The benefit of teams is collaboration of collective talents and skills. Good team leader will foster and encourage participation from every person involved.

Conflict Resolution. It is a reality that no matter how hard we try, conflict between people in a group is inevitable. When team members are passionate about a project they are working on, emotions may run high, so there needs to be a plan to resolve conflict as quickly as it emerges.

Keep to a Schedule and Plan. Simply “playing it by ear” does not make for an effective or efficient team. It is important for the team to come up with a schedule and agenda and keep to it throughout the project.

Communication. Good communication is essential to maintaining a creative and productive atmosphere so everyone fully participates. Team environments are great places for people to learn to communicate with all different types of people and personalities.

Use these elements to help better the teams in your business. As additional initiatives and projects arise, ask the team members for suggestions. Want helping launching a practice of effective team strategies? We are experts in helping. Contact us for a VIP Strategy Session with your Team to launch your success.


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